Organic gardening and homesteading

Organic Gardening and Homesteading provides you with valuable homesteading information as well as tips on frugal living and self reliance.

Learning Self Reliance Using Organic Gardening Techniques 
and Frugal Living

And what will that mean to you?

Try independence.

The satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself.


Think looking to yourself for food instead of a grocery store or fast food place. Knowing exactly what's going into your body, and what your children are eating, and even leaving the insanity of commutes, traffic, and crowds behind.

A Return to a Simpler Lifestyle

Less than a hundred years ago, the small farm was king. And if they didn’t live on a farm, at the very least folks had chickens in their backyards and grew their own vegetables.

But then big business came on the scene, and we all got office jobs. And women went to work, too, because why should men have all the fun?

So we all dressed up in our office clothes, dropped our kids off at the public school or daycare, spent hours in the car, sat at a desk for even longer hours, took half an hour at noon and raced to a nearby fast food place.

We’d eat fried chicken or a burger and fries that made us feel stuffed and miserable. Then we’d race back to the office so we could sit at our cubicles for a few more hours.

Then we climbed into our cars and drove home, where we were too tired to cook so we either picked up some more fast food that made us feel bloated and miserable or we popped a frozen meal into the microwave which wasn’t much better.

And then we drugged ourselves with television until it was bedtime, when we’d lay awake half the night struggling with insomnia. And we’d be sick all the time and wonder why.

Is That Really How You Want to Live?

There is another way, a way that will help you eat better, cut costs and even get out of debt. But growing foods organically and having a homestead is not just a way to get great food. It is also learning to slow down, to enjoy the simple life while working harder than you ever thought you could and loving every second of it.

It’s learning to live the frugal life so you don’t have to earn as much. And it can also mean finding alternative forms of income so you don’t have to make that commute everyday. Plus you don’t have to own a big plot of land either. It is not about owning an acreage, although folks who start down this road usually end up with an acre or two eventually! Instead, it's a way of life that can be lived just as easily in town as in the country.

You have a great life ahead of you, and this is the place to help you find it.


Sue Merriam

What Others Are Saying

I enjoy your sight and drop by often. I enjoy the herbs you sell and they are at a great price. We have a very small homestead where we raise chickens and some of our own food! I appreciate all those who try to live off the land!!!


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Bartering Corner
The bartering corner is where you can trade your homegrown products for items of equal value.
FTC Disclosure for Organic Gardening and Homesteading
FTC Disclosure for Organic Gardening and Homesteading
All Natural Health Remedies
All natural health remedies are good to know not only for a cost effective way of treating minor illnesses and injuries, but also for an emergency.

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